Software Updates for the Fresh Produce Industry

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… In the coming weeks, there will be updated guidelines for PTI case labels. We are working on implementing these changes into our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software now. If you print PTI case labels, you can get ready for these changes by ensuring that the UPC and PLU fields your stock items are filled. These will be needed for the new label standard.

We made some significant improvements to EmFx this month! EmFx is now capable of sending out Confirmation of Sale and AP Payment Remittances in addition to the other documents it already handled. Here is the full description …

EmFx Lite – is an add-on component which allows “one-off” sending of the following documents by email and/or fax* to customer contacts:

  • A/R Vouchers (Invoice, Debit Memo or Credit Memo)
  • Customer Statements
  • Price Lists
  • Sales Order Confirmations

It also allows “one-off” sending of the following documents by email and/or fax* to vendor contacts:

  • Confirmations of Sale
  • Inbound Load Confirmations
  • Payment Remittances
  • Purchase Orders

* Note that to send via fax, a subscription to is required at a monthly cost of about $15.

EmFx Regular – includes all the features of EmFx Lite (listed above) as well as allowing broadcast emailing and/or faxing* of Price Lists and/or Customer Statements. With a few mouse clicks, you can send customer specific Price Lists to all contacts at all customers and/or Customer Statements to any or all customers. Learn more about PICS Components.

Grow smarter, better, faster with PICS – Produce Inventory Control System software by WaudWare

Offering complete inventory, traceability, and accounting capabilities, PICS is easy to use and outstanding Canadian support is a phone call away. We’re always making PICS better. Here are the improvements we made to PICS during May.

  • Added the ability to send Confirmation of Sale reports via EmFx. In order to do this, you need to put the vendor number of your customs broker into the new Buying/Default Customs Broker system control.
  • Added a new Default Customs Broker system control. This allows you to put in the vendor # of your customs broker. When PICS creates an Inbound Load, this vendor # will be automatically filled in that load. One of the reasons you might want to do this is for sending Confirmation of Sale reports to the Customs Broker via EmFx.
  • Added an EmFx COS button to the Purchase Order screen. When clicked, a Confirmation of Sale report will be emailed to the appropriate contacts at the customs broker for the PO. Note that the Load which this purchase order is on needs to have the Customs Broker filled.
  • Enhanced the Contacts screen such that Confirmations of Sale and/or AP Remittances can be set up to be sent to contacts via EmFx.
  • Enhanced the Grower’s Pay screen such that it can now use the new Buying/Allow Active Lots In Grower’s Pay system control. If this is set to No, then when Grower’s Pay is generated, only lot which are not active themselves, as well as have no active children will be included.
  • Added a Void Payment button to the AP Payments screen. Having a button right on the screen for this is more intuitive than having to go to the Record menu to perform this function.

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