Updates to Software for Perishable Produce Businesses

Fresh ProduceBrowse the latest software updates and enhancements to WaudWare’s fresh produce industry specific software called PICS – Produce Inventory Control System. Aside from extensive inventory control, PICS also offers complete traceability, buying, selling, growing, production, brokerage, security and management information. PICS is a robust and reliable software package for businesses of all sizes. Here are the updates made in November:

  • Changed the sort order of the outbound load list so as to have the most recent one at the top.
  • Added ship to fields to the info which can be printed on sales order labels.
  • Added the ability to print PO Header and Line charges on a Purchase Order.
  • Adjusted the sales order list such that when you are in the customer # column, it will sort from newest to oldest.
  • Removed the opening and closing balance columns from the standard income statement report. Some users found these confusing. We agreed, so we took them off.
  • Added a Create AR button to the Outbound Load screen. So you can now invoice all the sales orders on an Outbound load at once.
  • Completed work on the Bank Deposit system. You can now put AR receipts and/or Misc receipts into Bank Deposits in PICS and then print a bank deposit report. Now that this is complete, we will be finishing the reconciliation screen in the next few weeks so full bank reconciliation can be done in PICS.
  • Added the ability to put the customer/stock/unit stock number on price lists.

Want to see PICS in action? Request a demo and improve the profitability and performance of your fresh produce business today.