Canada’s Best Perishable Produce Inventory and Accounting Software

All In One: Inventory, Accounting and Traceability Software New legislation demands fresh new strategies for business owners in the perishable produce industry. Business owners want and need software that will completely handle all their day to day operations, including buying, selling and tracking, tracing, accounting, inventorying, and reporting – and they want it all in…Read More

News on PICS Update

We’re continuing to work on the Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software, Visual FoxPro rewrite. PICS Lite in PICS VFP is close to completion. Our latest target date for the completion of the entire project is: December 31, 2017. In the meantime, last month’s software enhancements included the adjustment of the list of items for…Read More

March’s New Features and Enhancements to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

Not only do we provide exceptional technical support for customers using our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software and Web-Based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software, we also provide outstanding software support by developing improvements and enhancements to PICS and WebPICS. During March: We are in the process of adding 14 more standard price levels…Read More

Updates to Software for Perishable Produce Businesses

Browse the latest software updates and enhancements to WaudWare’s fresh produce industry specific software called PICS – Produce Inventory Control System. Aside from extensive inventory control, PICS also offers complete traceability, buying, selling, growing, production, brokerage, security and management information. PICS is a robust and reliable software package for businesses of all sizes. Here are…Read More

WaudWare Proudly Supports CAPI Conclusions

Among the conclusions from The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) Report published earlier this year, were the following: “If we want consumers’ trust, then we need to credibly demonstrate the care being taken to enhance food safety, improve food nutrition, address animal care, contribute to the plant’s health and satisfy other expectations. If we want…Read More

The Future of the World’s Agri-Food Industry

In its final report, The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) said, “Many countries are trying to sort out how to ensure the future economic growth of their food systems while addressing climate change and responding to a litany of evolving consumer concerns. Such consumer issues include health, nutrition, food safety, sustainability, ethics, food security and…Read More

WaudWare Confirms Attendance at Agri-Business Summit in Brazil

On August 16, 2016, Challenge Advisory announced a project partnership with WaudWare Incorporated, a software development company specialising in business software for the fresh produce and distribution industries, as they confirmed their attendance at Sustainable Intensification 2016 in Rio de Janeiro 25-26th October 2016. Commenting on WaudWare’s involvement, head of Challenge Advisory’s Agri-Business, Dr. Aubrey Longmore noted: “Having discussed…Read More

Updates to Software for the Produce Industry

Looking for inventory and traceability control in one software package? Specifically written, updated, maintained, and fully supported, WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System software handles all the day to day operations of businesses in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. We are always updating PICS to improve and make it better. During July, most of our…Read More

New Fees for CFIA’s Destination Inspection Service

In 2007, the industry supported the development of a dedicated Destination Inspection Service (DIS) that would have improvements made to the timeliness of inspections and improved service delivery.  The DIS is entering its final phase of a three-year process to implement full cost recovery (100% of the cost of the Service). You will recall that…Read More